A long time coming?

So for the multitude’th she has ingested the BACKUP PLAN over the weekend. Anything but a baby right now.

How could she?

He must have known not to do that?


The last two knew. Why not him? Is it up to me to be the educator in all situations? She knew what she was getting into. 23 not 24. It doesn’t fucking matter because the last was 24 but now 25 and the last one before that is 28? You are the same age as him starting on Sunday. She always had a late start. She was tattooed before she had given proper head. Think about that, baby. I’ve always had this inside of me but it only came out at 18 years old.

Why did you come in me?

Was I looking for that?

Did I come across this way that I could feel an energy between us that I would go to the means to create with you. Reach to you. It is easier to write it down than for her to to say it in one go. Today was a not a good day for giving it a go, it couldn’t have been said in one go. There are thousands of square hectares, kilometres or however you cut it, now I am cold to the core feeling the moisture of my underarms, my shoulder aches from all the questions and the blurry answers that they came with. I want to make as many friends as I can because I know we all have a special gift and I love to watch it in people. Maybe she should watch it upon herself more though.

Because how could he do it?

How could he have just gotten to a point where he was ready to give everything he could never comprehend?

He was not there. She was there the whole time, but had no idea it was happening. At first I didn’t think it was a big deal, but then I spoke to my friend and she was definitely surprised for me. It’s a feeling you get, I’m with her on that and I am so grateful she had that reaction. I haven’t really spoken to too many others but the women I have had all similar reactions towards it. I could be quoting it and sending it to the HealthCare Administration of British Columbia and see what they say, ask them where you can look up studies about women and “the backup plan”. She has nothing to put her stoned elbow onto except her slouched left thigh because she is too busy reading the ceiling and hustling to sit and simmer about things.

Just cut. Him. Off. It was a long time coming. It’s that simple. It seems harsh but you will thank yourself a lot by doing it. Remember that crystal dildo she wanted? Amethyst. Think about it. Amethyst wants to do what you’ve wanted in every man you have loved. A spiritual current.