Dear Ostara,

Thanking your soft light this morning as I wake up in a lover’s bed. Things are not what they seem, I feel the rebirth of my heart, my ambition, my image in the world. I channel the dark Dark Moon. The beautiful silence. The pleasure through each pause of breathe. I am not bringing my struggle story with me. I am not bringing my romantic baggage aboard, nor the doubts of my own success. I am ready to embrace the love that I am, and the love I deserve and the love I can give.

It is my turn to draw the Truce. This is not about making peace, it is about my own protection. Truce I shed tears – I’m afraid to lose money. I’m afraid to let go that I am inadequate for a job. I’m afraid to let go of my stress on time. Do I have enough time? Am I social enough? Do I represent the diversity I value? Why am I afraid to let go of these messages?

To truly take the plunge on myself and my own path. Let it go – you are a healer. You are a nurturer. You are curious. Honour your curiosity. Honour your ability to channel light and dark. Honour your ability to channel higher powers of vibrations, honouring your ancestors, the witches of your family. Omi. Nanny. These are your crone creators and they deserve the homes they have made for themselves. I am afraid to let go for fear I wont do them justice. But I must follow it to the depths of my art.

All my love,