Enter the Divine Awakening Part 1: West Coast women are providing light in accessing your higher power

Some amazing women are opening up about key points in spiritually accessing one’s feminine divinity, as they believe this point in time is bringing up the desire for collective expansion of consciousness.

Mimi Young and Danielle Noel are among many other women creating tools for their fellow sisters and brothers as a way of helping them reach towards their own awakening of the Divine Feminine, which for these women consists of manifesting your inner desires, reclaiming boundaries in relationships, connecting with your higher spiritual power and coming into your full expression.

Young is the founder and creator of Ceremonie, a locally made ritual-based skin and spirit care line designed to help people raise their inner vibrations with her crafted essential oil blends and plant medicine products for face, body and cleansing. She zones in on how focusing on personal desires is key for shaping fulfillment in life.

Mimi Young, centre in black, connects with women after her workshop, Walking the Fragrant Path

This season has brought a lot of exciting new movement in Mimi’s life as she launches a dynamic workshop through Nectar Juicery on Main St. Titled Walking the Fragrant Path, she helps other women explore their challenges, questions and passions through the aid of chakra work, crystal healing and the use of essential oils in ritual.

“You are going to manifest what you desire, and if you’re not clear on what you want to manifest then you’re going to wind up creating that same lack of clarity in your outer world. Do you know what you want or are you just deciding what you want based on what’s readily available in the market?” she said.

Ceremonie’s Sacred Smokeless Smudge Mist is a an easy and effective way to clear your space

When it comes to relationships, Young has had conversations about being clear on what it is one is looking for, whether it’s romance, friendship, or work relationships, it’s important to carve out affirmations.

“When you know exactly the kind of person or feeling you’re wanting to experience in a relationship, just go on that, and explore that deeper. The more you know who you want in your life, that person will show up,” she said.

For Noel, Gabriola Island- based creator of the Starchild Tarot deck, realizes the capacity in which women especially, are opening up the conversation of reclaiming feminine divinity and honouring their power among each other.

A three card spread featuring the Starchild Tarot Deck- the new Akashic deck. This spread I pulled intention into Me, a former lover, and where the relationship stands or what could be resolved.

“I think we’re at the precipice where we’re going to step over the threshold and it’s going to be returning to that Divine Feminine and that’s what’s happening right now. Connecting with things that allow you to go within and explore your own self is what it’s all about, it’s like doing your own work, and doing your own shadow work, listening to yourself,” she said.

Young says it is all about looking past the circle of comfort and reaching for the unknown, reclaiming the feminine power and energy that has always been there.

“You’re gonna wind up settling for what’s in your circle and think that’s the best you can do. That is very much related to the Divine Awakening because it’s very much about reclaiming who we are, that part of ourselves we may have forgotten, or have underserved. It’s a very big spiritual question,” she said.

Noel feels the return of feminine healing and action, the Tarot deck she quietly pieced together has been attracting feminine spiritual public figures like Alexandra Roxo and author Benebell Wen.

“I feel like we’re usually so indicated and distracted by everything else that’s going on around us that we lose touch with inner workings of our soul and who we are. I think that’s what we’re doing, we’re returning to that place,” Noel said.

Check out the Starchild Tarot and Ceremonie for a look at tools you can easily fuse into your life and light xxx