I\m sorry I didn\t write anything about New Year\s resolutions

Everyone had so much to talk

But I feel like I am just getting started


We ended but I still call you babe and it’s unhealthy

I keep checking my Samsung

But it won\t look at me the same way


It\s fucking freezing outside, no one is going anywhere

Except the neighbour who does laps around the block to keep her sanity

She hates when we feed the squirrels

Why don\t you send me flower emojis anymore?


Maybe I\m wasting my time and I should have

There\s a lot to look forward to

There always is


My horoscope said to spend time with friends

Being year of the Horse has it\s perks too

A Pisces does not


The clutter has lifted off and I know we both feel

It\s dark again already and tomorrow is finally Monday

So I can get on with my stupid dreams

And you can go somewhere you need to