Talking stuff with founder of Earrings & Stuff: maneuvering the jewelry market and mastering her own craft

Chatting through fruit and cheese (always) I catch up with Sarah Huguet and her baby, Earrings & Stuff.

I’ve known Sarah for a few years now, slinging beers and many a drunk off the clock at Slo Pitch. She is a gem of a human, hilarious, freckle-faced beauty, it only makes sense that this stylish doll fell into the hands of the jewelry game. Through our friendship, I’ve watched Sarah grow alongside her brand, and wanted to share the story of how it became to be a focal bling supply for local bloggers like @jessicaluxe and @astrobandit, to stylist @veronicamorales, while having been a part of many photo shoots with brands like @faithandlace. I’m a sucker for her collections; they’re an eclectic blend of unique statement pieces as well as of recently, her own handcrafted crystal clusters.

The creation of Earrings and Stuff happened very organically, Sarah wanted an outlet where she could find cool earrings (and stuff, duh) that reflected her style: lots of bling, colour, and sparkle. She was inspired to share her style and start her own business, which began as buying and selling rhinestone studs and pearls to Aztec influenced neon chokers and tribal feels. Sarah launched an online store (with free shipping!) and started hosting trunk shows, a mobile pop up shop that she could set up in the comfort of her friends and family’s home.

It proved to be perfect timing as many women in her age group are getting married, hosting bridal showers and looking for statement pieces for their big day and their friend’s big day. I know a handful of women that wouldn’t mind getting a little sloshed on a Tuesday off Malbec and buy some ice. Sarah started to create customized pieces for bridal parties and more, and that’s where her creative side really blossomed. Needing more range on her customization, Sarah started making name stamped jewelry by request and other batches. It gave her the opportunity to use the design skills she had gained from having sold jewelry in the first place, now she could bend and twist crystals and beads to her heart’s desire—which would allow her to sell her pieces at craft fairs, markets, and on the master of online stores—Etsy. It has brought her more sense of community with this approach, and while she’ll continue to buy and sell the pieces that catapulted her brand, she is looking forward to being a part of the local and handcrafted scene, and as of 2016 Sarah will be selling her handmade jewels online. E & S has proved to have a little bit of everything now, women from all walks of life are constantly pleased with Sarah’s collections that can be worn in the most sophisticated settings but also to Sunday football. Because of these multifaceted traits, E & S is the perfect fit for the wildcard on Santa’s list. Xxx

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